Wedding Shoes – Part 2

Below is a brief description of a couple different styles of shoes. Hopefully with this information you can go make an informed decision on the most important shoe purchase of your life!


The wedge is thus named because the heel is cut into a wedge shape between your heel and the ground. Wedge heels can be made into any height. The wedge heel is a terrific choice for a bride who wishes to have height but is not real familiar with stiletto heels. The wedge can go along with the design of several shoe styles such as a sandal or the mary jane style that we mentioned before.


Again a style that is referring to the design of the heel as this style tends to pump you up higher. The pump heel is a high heeled shoe that incases all of your foot. These are a terrific choice when you may be in a cooler venue. These still allow the height that many brides crave and can offer a sexy look as well. More material to the shoe also allows for more detailing on the shoe itself, whether that be some intricate beadwork or maybe pearls and crystals.

Sling Back

The sling back style is representative of the strap which slings back or wraps around the back of your heel. This is to help provide support and can be coupled with a variety of styles including the sandal, the wedge, and the stiletto.

The best place to start your decision making process should begin with comfort. What styles can you wear? We are not saying that you cannot choose a strappy stiletto, just be sure to give your shoes some thought and take into consideration how long you will be wearing them is this all day and night. Have you thought about bringing an alternate pair of shoes with you? For instance, a bride getting married on a farm may want to bring a pair of cowboy boots to switch into after the first dance. Maybe bring along some flip flops for an outdoor beach club reception or personalized "I do" Converse sneakers for the reception that takes place all night on a dance floor. Who can say no to an extra pair of shoes anyway?

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