Wedding Shoes – Part 1

For many women there is a constant love and hate relationship with our shoes. While we admire them for their beauty and ability to pull together the perfect ensemble, we also have to deal with their wonderful way of breaking both our backs and bank accounts.

The number one fashion choice of your wedding day is undoubtedly the gown of course. However those shoes are certainly a good second place. This is a day where you will be asking a lot of your shoes. This day you will require both beauty and comfort. The types of shoes available are practically limitless. Make sure to match the three main categories of comfort, budget, and style. Below is a brief description of a couple different styles of shoes. Hopefully with this information you can go make an informed decision on the most important shoe purchase of your life!

Ballet Slipper

The ballet slipper is a terrific choice for a bride who prefers to go without a heel. Also a great choice for the bride who enjoys ballet or has dabbled into dance herself. This style of shoe provides a smooth flexible base. Most often made with flexible material these shoes allow comfort and stability. Ballet slippers often have a small bow at the toe.. These shoes look terrific when worn with a knee length gown enabling you to show off the lovely detail of the ribbon that ties around your ankle.

Mary Jane

The mary jane shoe is a shoe that has a strap crossing over the instep with a curved square or very rounded shape toe. These shoes can come in practically any heel size although you typically see these in a fairly smaller half inch size or so. The mary jane is a more classic look that provides both comfort and a more cutesy rather than sexy look.


Typically a stiletto heel is above 3 inches. These high heeled shows have a very narrow base. These are the absolute most feminine and yes, sexy of all the heel styles. These are not a choice for the amateur high heel wearer as these heels require both patience and quite possibly veteran heel wearing legs. Stilettos do not have a stable heel; thus, do not provide much stability. These heels are designed with any style back, whether that be a full or a sling. You may even consider just a thin ankle strap. The stiletto can be worn with any type of gown but a wonderful option might be that of a shorter gown so that you can really show off your legs and your shoes.

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