Wedding Scent – Part 2

You probably never realized how many different types of “perfumes” there are.

The strongest of the all the fragrance categories is the perfume or (parfum) This type typically comes with a heftier price tag due to the higher concentration of fragrance to water ratio. However, due to the larger amount of fragrance oil in the bottle your scent lasts longer than with many other types. Because a small amount goes a long way the larger price tag tends to even out over time. Often these bottles have a screw on lid with an open top for dabbing on the body. 

The version that you typically buy in a glass container with a spray nozzle is the Eau du Toilette. Normally your bottle is a decorated and colored piece of glass with a cute design. Beware of really large bottles that are priced similarly to the smaller bottles, often the amount of fragrance oil is the same in each size so you are better off to go with a smaller container. This style is the most cost effective choice especially if you are contemplating on making this your new signature scent.

Last but not least there is the gym bags favorite, body spray. Body spray is made up of more water than scented oil and is absorbed by your body relatively fast. So if you prefer a light scent, this is the one for you. This is a great choice for an outdoor ceremony on a hot summer day. Body sprays are sold at very reasonable prices and in a plastic bottle with a pump spray nozzle.

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