Wedding Scent – Part 1

Dream of making a grand entrance not only with your look but with your scent? Your wedding day fragrance should match your wedding day style and image. Would you prefer going with a tried and true traditional scent you’ve worn for years? Or something sexy and daring to match your over the top wedding gown?

Before your head out to your favorite department store take a quick glance at these next few articles and you should be full of information to make the perfect scent selection.

  • This probably goes without saying but, do not go on a day when you have head congestion and or a headache. Even if you can smell them, you’ll want to quit after the first couple of sprays.
  • Bring a friend to help you make the decision. The way someone else picks up the fragrance on you can vary from how your nose picks it up on it’s own skin.
  • Don’t wear fabric that holds scent (polyester). You will feel trapped inside your car on the way home with all those fragrances surrounding you. 
  • Take your time by spraying once and waiting. Your body will take a moment to pick up the scent. After a minute or so you can take your first whiff. Having said that, don’t go by how things smell on the scent cards. Always spray yourself or your friend. The cards do not give an accurate idea of how the fragrance will smell on you.

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