Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Part 2

For an outdoor wedding, you can provide all the outdoor game favorites. Set up a game of horseshoes but don’t let it go the way of the traditional red and blue. You are already breaking the mold by offering games, so go all out. A cute idea would be to spray paint store bought horseshoes. Solid white for the “bride’s team” and white with painted on black bow ties for the “groom’s team”.

Additional outdoor reception game ideas include:

Croquet – While not everyone knows how to play this can certainly end up a terrific multi-generational game of learning and fun! With its slower place and easy to understand rules everyone can play.

Volleyball – This is a great choice if you want a game that is fast paced and just as active as dancing. A simple outdoor volleyball net can be set up and tore down fairly quickly and most guests will at least have a pretty good idea of the rules.

Corn Hole – This game once considered just for tail-gate parties is increasing in popularity all over. Bean bags filled with grain corn are simply tossed at a target for points. It’s pretty simple to do and guests of all ages can enjoy Look out for the college kid’s though;  this is their game!

Ladder Toss – Another newer game and a tailgate favorite. This game definitely needs a steady hand. Players throw “bolas” which consists of a string that has a ball on each end. You then throw the bola at a ladder that has three rings. Scores are typically based on which rung of the ladder you hit.

The great thing about offering additional entertainment is that your guests see that you are making an effort to involve everyone in the fun. By no means must you include all or any of these ideas. It’s just our suggestion as a way to incorporate something different into your reception.

However, we think the best part in offering something besides drinking and dancing is that your guests will still have something to do that requires speaking with people they’ve never met.

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