Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas – Part 1

On one hand we can say that group choreographed dances are the newest and best thing. There is also another trend developing on the other end of the spectrum. More couples are choosing to provide additional entertainment beyond the dance floor.

While plenty of guests will still enjoy cutting a rug and other’s still love to watch everyone dance. There are an occasional few whom for whatever reason opt not to enter the dance floor. For years these people have resorted to just chit chatting. Which is fine; however, they often don’t get up and talk to guests at other tables.

Additional entertainment is a splendid idea for receptions that will have a lot of children attending. We’ve mentioned making a children’s area and putting together activity packets before. But, why not go a step or two further, whether that is by having a separate play area with a babysitter fully equipped with toys or hiring out entertainment. Children and adults alike thoroughly enjoy balloon artists. For the bride and groom that enjoy visiting in magic shows, why not hire a child’s magician to entertain the kids and kids at heart?

For adults that don’t want to boogy all night consider providing a separate area with board games. Board games provide the guests something to do leisurely while still socializing with other guests. You can get up walk away for a drink and come back and start back in. There typically isn’t a hard and fast time constraint.

Trivia games are vastly increasing in popularity especially in college towns. Why not switch up the traditional “anything goes” trivia questions and cater them more to yourselves. Make up trivia questions that ask specific questions about the bride and groom, about certain details of your relationship, and so on. A few examples would be:

  • What is the name of the groom’s hometown?
  • Where did the couple have their first date?
  • What breed is the couples dog?

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