Wedding Mini Trends

Weddings are becoming more and more personalized to your taste and values. It makes complete sense to us that since your wedding is about your personal commitments to one another, it too be a clear reflection of yourselves. So, with the increasing popularity of these personalized weddings, we thought we’d fill you in on a few “mini-trends” if you will. Just to help keep you up to date on all the new hip happenings at weddings.

These new trends are cute and fun and are just there to liven things up and add a touch of whimsy. These trends do not necessarily throw your wedding completely into the pool of “untraditional” but just add a bit of flair

Fake Mustaches:

The fake mustache is a fairly new wedding trend. While becoming more and more common this trend definitely isn’t for everyone. Goofy is really the only purpose that they serve. Seriously, handle bar mustachioed Grandma photos are hilarious! This trend is definitely for a more quirky and not so serious couple. You can use these as a favor: chocolate ones on a stick, sticky ones placed above the lip or ones on a stick as a prop in your photo booth. Mustaches are popping up all over wedding receptions. You can even print them on the back of your programs or fans for the guests to hold up to their face.


Pinwheels again, do not necessarily have a real purpose. They are used as decoration a lot of the time. They’re cute, they’re colorful, they’re fun to look at and to blow on. You can make your own out of decorative paper that matches the design and style of your wedding. There are literally hundreds of tutorials online. Or use traditional brightly colored and or metallic pinwheels that you can find at any local department store. You could even choose to use them in lieu of confetti, birdseed, rice etc. Your guests waving them at you as you make your get away makes for no clean up and a cheery scene to look back at.


These delicious cookies seem to be popping up all over the place. Not just at weddings, but they have been spotted at bridal and baby showers. The ‘dough’ is typically dyed with food coloring to fit the event palette. Without any food dye, they are a beige color. These tasty confectionary concoctions are made of crushed almonds and are not to be confused with the famous coconut cookie macaroon. They are a smooth domed shaped cookie that have a filling or ganache of some sort and almost resemble little sandwiches! Whether used in addition to a dessert bar along with a candy buffet or stacked on a cupcake tower in lieu of cake altogether they are certainly a great choice.

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