Wedding Jewelry

Okay so the most important fashion decision of the wedding is most certainly the wedding dress. That is true, but you have plenty of other fashion conscious decisions to make. One of them that is very important and you definitely don’t want to put off until the last minute, is your jewelry. You want to be the symbol of exquisite beauty on your wedding day. So you’ll need to accessorize properly.

The last thing you want is to overdo your accessories on your wedding day. You definitely do not want to look or to feel weighted down by your accessories. You also do not want anything to distract from how stunning you look in your wedding gown.

Jewelry shades:

As far as color and tones go, watch out not to overshadow any embellishments in your gown. Choosing a jewel tone from your wedding colors, or taking this opportunity to wear your "something blue" are fabulous ideas.

What color is your gown and do you have any metallic shade accents at your wedding?

The more silver accents all over your wedding the less and less you want to wear silver in your ensemble. There isn’t a way to match so much, you clash!

Ivory gowns look beautiful with both gold and pearl.

Soft white gowns look terrific with most metal colors. Gold Silver, white gold.

For bright white wedding gowns, you really can’t go wrong wearing pearls.

Cut of the gown:

For a v-neck gown whether plunging or subtle we suggest a single necklace with one simple stone or pendant. Something sparkly to cast your eyes upward away from the chest a little bit. Not to overpowering subtle and gorgeous are the keys to your jewelry choice here.

With halter top necklaces, it’s hard to do much of a necklace. A great idea is a decadent bracelet. Something a bit bold exuding your wedding day style. An intricately designed wide cuff style bracelet is a great idea.

What’s hair got to do with it?

Is your hair up or down? That’s another thought to consider when you are deciding on your jewelry. If your hair is down then there’s no sense on playing up your ears. But if you plan on rocking an up-do, we suggest forgetting the necklace and wearing some beautiful long earrings. Whether a single teardrop or a chandelier style. Consider just a beautiful metal design or something with jewels in it.

As always comfort and confidence go hand in hand toward making a beautiful look.

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