Wedding Guest Lists – Part 2

Watch how many wedding invitations you order. There are two simple yet important things to remember when deciding on your invite quantity.

  1. Keep in mind invites are per household. So if you are inviting the whole family that is four possible attendees but one invitation.
  2.  Always order a few more (we sell them in quantity’s of 25) because somehow someway you will make a mistake or two you could bend them make them or fold them etc. Plus it’s always good to have a few incase you forget someone and or as a keepsake!

Keep in mind a few other important things:

  • Are your guests going to think that they are bringing a guest as well? That’s one invite to one person with two people coming.
  • What about full families? John and his wife Joyce plus their two children Jackie and Johanna equals four people but one invite.
  • Also, be sure to order response cards and have a date on them that gives you sufficient time to call anyone if need be. Three to four weeks is a normal time-frame for those of you hosting a sit down meal. We typically do not suggest any less than a two week heads up.  Make sure to get the final guest list as soon as you can to your wedding planner and caterers.

The best thing to do is to constantly come back to that guest list and keep a good grip on it. Try to not become overwhelmed or let anyone bully you into adding or changing the list. This information is up to you and your husband. The people you invite should be important to you and make you feel good on this important day!

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