Wedding Flowers – Glossary of Terms

We are always concerned about the flowers at our wedding. We worry about what flowers will look and smell best in our bouquets, and go back and forth on the ever present question of real or fake. But the flower concerns don’t stop there. When you meet with your florists and wedding planners they also want to discuss how you would like flowers displayed all throughout both the wedding and the reception. By discussing all of you flower needs they can help to ensure that your overall look will stay consistent throughout your big day.

So below, we have compiled for you a small glossary of terms we hope that they aid you in the decision making process

For flowers displayed at your wedding you have a variety of choices whether it be over the top or nice and low key.

A Floral Arch or Swag

These tall arch shapes have flowers woven into them and are typically hung on the wall or in an archway above the officiant as the ceremony is performed. These are most often used in venues where an altar is not present.


Use a garland display for a more natural look where different types of greenery and flowers are weaved together for you to hang along doorways and church pews.

Pew Vase

For a more casual look try the pew vase which is a small vase of flowers that has a clamp that attaches to the end of the pew. This is a great choice if you would like just a small simple display.


Just as the name suggests this is a spray of branches that contain buds, flowers or berries. Sometimes you see these as branches adorned with jewels. They look beautiful peaking out of the tops of tall arrangements.


A great choice for an outdoor wedding! Climbing plants or flowers are scattered over these wooden or plastic latticework structures.

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