Wedding Flower Trends

Recently there have been a couple different trends popping up in floral arrangements and bridal bouquets. We like to keep you up to date on these trends and so let us introduce you to two of the most popular additions.

One of them is the Craspedia. This is a flower that is becoming very popular in the wedding circuit. This bloom is part of the daisy family and goes by more than a few different names. Other names include billybuttons, poms, and woolyheads. The blooms are spherical bulbs that come together in a bunch of tiny clusters of flowers. These blooms typically come in shades of yellow and orange and make terrific whimisical addtions to any of your wedding day arrangements.

The craspedia is not native to the United States and mostly grows in Australia. This flower can grow in practically any type of soil however from; sands, gravels, clays, and earths.

Craspedia Wedding Flower

Another popular new wedding day floral trend is the addition of the fiddlehead fern. These cute and funky plants are popular not only as the plant themselves but also as a molded version we have seen done in copper wire and other florist metals. This item comes in an array of different colors from shades of purple to different colors of green as well.

Definitely not for everyone they are different and modern and look great added in as a funky touch to your floral arrangements. We also love these in the guy’s boutonnieres because they are a bit more masculine looking than a flower bloom. Other popular names for this item are monkey tails, Uluhe ferns, and False Staghorn. They are not native to the States either and unfortunately they can come with a large price tag so be prepared to spend a lot of your budget on the ferns if you choose to incorporate those into your arrangements.


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