Wedding Flower Tips

Think about the big picture.

When deciding on the color scheme for your flowers think about where your ceremony and reception are to take place. The grand ballroom with the gorgeous eggshell walls and deep chocolate marble flooring is beautiful. Now think about your lime green and fuchsia color palette. Bring photos to your florist or ask her to accompany you on a visit. That way she can be better informed and help you make suggestions on tying the look together.

Also, if you have a room where half the cost went to the awesome view overlooking the city skyline, don’t obstruct it with very tall billowing floral arrangements. Your guests won’t be able to see the view.

Talk to your florist

Keep your florist informed. You need to come at them with as much information as you can give them. Knowing what you like is just as important to them as knowing what you do not like. Come in with hands full of ideas for your floral needs. Don’t just bring in pictures from bridal magazines, but bring photos from decorator magazines, and fashion magazines as well.

Once, you’ve set out clear ideas on what you like, be ready to listen and yes even compromise. The florist knows what will work and what just wont. They will also be able to help you stay on budget and remain true to your theme.


Yes, in theory it does sound like a lovely idea to have your guests walk into a room that is wafting with the romantic smell of roses. Or have your guests surrounded at their tables by the delicate scent of lavender. However some of your friends and family will be more thank likely tearing up from their allergies than the beautifully designed and smelling room. Don’t forget, the strong perfume like smell of some flowers can be a big turn off when dining.

Size of your crowd

When calculating your budget think about just how many blooms you will really need. For a large wedding party your floral bill can skyrocket before you know it. You have boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, centerpieces etc. So for the bride on the budget, opt for smaller arrangements or single stems. Again explain to your florist your budget and your guest list. They are professionals and are looking to do a great job not only for you but for themselves as well so talk to them. They are more than likely full of tips that will help achieve the most bang for your buck as well.


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