Wedding Favor Tips

Wedding favors are a fun part of planning the wedding. As with anything else when you are planning the wedding, it doesn’t hurt to have some tips to go over.


Establish a strict favor budget by determining what you can afford to spend on each person. Favor prices can go from under one dollar a person to twenty dollars a person.

If you wish to give a more expensive favor yet, are on a tight budget, consider giving one favor per couple or per family.

Buying items in bulk can help you stay on budget particularly if you are going DIY.

To DIY or not:

Decide on whether or not you want to purchase the favors or make them yourself.

Hosting a candy or cookie buffet is the ideal choice for the busy bride. Your guests do all the work. Just make a display table full of cookies or candies. Include bags or boxes along with stickers or twist ties to seal the packages off.

If you are crafty and have the time, making your own favors can save you money. It also shows your guests how much you care by taking your time to make them each a small gift.

Pretty in packages:

Many craft companies, party supply stores, and invitation companies sell different types of packaging materials. Whether you make your own or not be sure to have those favors decorated beautifully.

As a consumer you know that attractive packaging is what draws you in. So send your guests home with something nice to look at. You may choose to pass out hot pink cellophane bags of candy or tiny white boxes wrapped in polka dotted paper containing flower seeds. Whatever suits your style best.


Decide how you wish the guests to receive their favors. Many couples choose to have favors placed at each table setting. This is an ideal choice if you are giving an edible favor. As well as attaching the treat to each guests place card.

You can set up a table near the exit with the favors placed out neatly in rows with a small sign requesting the guests take a sample. Something like: “Thank You” or “Our Treat”

Ask a close friend or family member to pass the favor out individually to each guest as they make their exit. You can always opt pass them out yourself if you’d like however this takes a bit of time so make sure you are up for it.

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