Wedding Favor Idea – Donating to Charity

One of the most enjoyable decisions when planning your wedding is what favor your will choose to give to your guests. While budget and style always come in to play, this is typically a fun and creative part of the wedding planning experience.

We’ve discussed before the fear of falling into the overdone favor realm. While giving your friends and family another box of seashell shaped chocolates is a very cute and super tasty idea, we feel we should fill you in on a less tasty but just as sweet way to say thanks.

Giving thanks to your guests while also giving to a needy cause is one way the philanthropic couple can set an example to those dear to them. Giving to a charity is not only a thoughtful and beautiful choice, it’s pretty simple to execute as well.

Pick Your Cause

This will probably be the toughest part of the entire process. Discuss with your spouse what causes are near and dear to you. Really work with your partner on what causes mean the most to you as a couple. The couple that loves to go camping and spend time outdoors may choose the Arbor Day Foundation. The couple with five pets and counting at home may choose to donate to PETA. Still yet, a couple who is constantly trying to make their community a better place could donate to a local charity or non profit organization.

Choose A Budget

Hopefully this part will be easier. Your biggest pitfall is that your donation cost is greatly dependent upon what charity you choose. For instance the green couple may opt to purchase every guest a sapling that they may plant when they go home. In most cases this would be about a dollar or two a guest. So for those of you with a smaller budget $150.00 on favors is a great choice!

Do The Footwork

For most organizations, it is pretty easy to donate to their cause.  Visit the website of the company you are choosing to donate to. For most companies you can just log on and make your donation within a few minutes. Don’t forget to acquire the proper paperwork if you are planning on checking to see if your donation is tax-deductible.

Fill Everyone In

Be sure to let your guests know of the donation. Many couples opt to purchase a card and have them printed with information filling their guests in on the donation made. Often times they will printed charity’s logo on the card and simply express that a donation has been made in their (the guest’s) name.

Some causes offer plastic wristbands in exchange for a donation. You could print out your message of gratitude and information on a small piece of paper, punch out a hole and tie it to the wristband. Set your wristbands at each place setting and voila!

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