Wedding Dress Accessories – Gloves

While certainly gloves are no longer considered an accessory staple, they are still used here and there. Many brides do not realize how regal and elegant a nice glove can make them look. Then there are those brides who are having a vintage wedding and may greatly benefit from the use of a glove. There are many different styles of gloves to choose from. The three main styles are:

Opera Length

The opera length glove is the longest glove available. Often these gloves are featured with a dozen or more buttons along the backside. You can typically find these gloves in both satin and lace. Naturally the longer style exhibits more elegance than a shorter glove. This glove is a fine choice if you are having a very formal wedding. The Opera style glove tends to reach clear to the upper part of the arm well past the elbow. Many brides opt to have a longer reaching glove if they are wearing a strapless gown. Brides whom are wearing a gown with a very open neckline may also choose to wear a longer glove as the length may aid in helping the bride feel a bit more covered up.

Elbow Length

As the name says this style of glove typically goes barely past the elbow or right up until the elbow. This style of glove also may come with several buttons along the back typically about eight buttons. This style can prove difficult for a couple of reasons. One is that it does draw attention to the upper half of your arm. So if this is a place you are self conscious about it’s not a great choice. Also this length can be hard to match to your arm because no one of us is built the same what fits right at one persons elbow may go far past another’s. Obviously this is the "in-between" choice not to formal and not to informal. This style is also a great choice for those brides hoping to look a bit old Hollywood.  

Wrist Length

The wrist length glove is, just that wrist length. These gloves cover all of the hand and only a tiny bit of the wrist. As far as buttons go on this glove you may find one or two on the underneath side. Wrist length gloves are perfect for the bride who really just wants to use gloves as an additional accessory and not take away from the gown itself. Also the top choice for brides with full or three quarter length sleeves. These are the least formal of all the glove lengths. However they offer a small touch of elegance without being as grand as the opera length. If you have a retro theme, wrist length gloves lend well to both fifties and yes, eighties style weddings. This shorter style glove also comes in the fingerless style, a great choice for an eighties theme and a practical choice for the ring exchange.

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