Wedding Contract with Entertainment

It’s important to keep a clear contract between yourself and your hired entertainment. You’ll want to make sure every little thing is covered. You definitely do not want to see any surprise additions to your bill.

When negotiating your contract you will want to include all key points so that if there happen to be any mishaps, they can be remedied promptly and without debate.

The following information should be clearly written out in your contract.

  • Indicate both performance and arrival times. Make it clear what time they are expected to perform and that, they plan on arriving in enough time to be set up and ready to go.
  • Include the address of ceremony and or reception venues, phone numbers and directions.
  • Clearly outline what if any equipment needs provided by you or the venue. For instance, the banquet hall may have its own
    sound system equipped with microphones. Make sure that is clear what your band equipment your band needs to bring and if there are any charges for bringing extra equipment.
  • Does your venue stipulate even the band be dressed in black tie attire? Make sure it’s marked that your entertainers are informed as to what if any clothing stipulations will be enforced.
  • Discuss filler music, bands do have to take breaks so check with them and see if they have their own filler CD or if you need to provide something. How often do they take breaks and how long are they should be in there as well.
  • Also discuss any specific must play and do not play lists if relevant.
  • Be sure to have all amounts due with due dates written in the contract as well. Along with cancellation and refund policy information.

There may be additional things to cover dependent upon your specific needs. Remember to be firm but not a brute. You want to enjoy your wedding day and clear plans are the key to a stress free event. The more information that is in print, signed and understood…the better.

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