Wedding Centerpiece Designs and Ideas

Your centerpiece design options are endless. Consider trying one of the following tried and true basics, or take one of these ideas and run with your creativity, the choice is yours.


This is a short glass bowl filled with flowers nestled close together. There may be more than one of this type of arrangement throughout the table if choosing rectangular seating, otherwise one bowl would suffice for round seating. Simple and elegant, the fishbowl design is a classic choice.


A less traditional look, the pedestal is a vase of flowers that is set up yes, on a pedestal. Maybe a ceramic base or even a glass box, this is terrific for large receptions where one large arrangement in the center of the table would aid to the look of all the grand decoration.


These are a more traditional formal design where plants are trimmed into different shapes. Topiaries are a great choice for weddings or receptions that are done at upscale garden clubs or even on the grounds of an art gallery.

Tower Vase

A very large and regal vase shows off an impressive look. While both formal and grand this is a large vase that is filled with flowers that tower grandly over the table.


This is a vase that is smaller at the base and fans out toward the top A great choice for something a little offbeat. Filled with flowers that slowly start to flourish out of the opening and cascade out over the table.

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