Wedding Cake – What to do at Reception

You’ve already chosen the cake so the hard part is done. With that said, we thought we would give you just a few helpful tips on what to do with that cake at the reception. That way when it’s time for the cake cutting ceremony you will definitely know what to do and when to do it.

The wedding cake should be displayed on a table that is all its own. The table should be decorated in a fashion that not only reflects the style of the wedding but draws your guests’ attention to that table. This will ensure that they know exactly where to look when it’s time for the big cake cutting ceremony.

When to cut the cake is as different as your reception. Previously couples always chose to cut the cake at the end of the reception. (Hence the purpose of those take home cake bags and boxes)

However it is now quite popular for a lot of couples to choose to cut the cake right after the meal is finished to serve as or go along with dessert. This is an especially good idea if you plan on dancing the night away. That way you can get all of your formalities out of the way. If you are not hosting a full dinner reception then you would simply cut the cake during the end of the cocktail hour.

Be sure and have your DJ or band director let everyone know that it is time to cut the cake so all eyes will be on you.

Make sure they caterers know also, after the first piece is sliced they will remove the cake and cut it for serving.

Also let them know if you are choosing to save the top tier. (if you are on a budget and or not really looking forward to storing cake for a year, consider saving just a slice not the entire tier)

Don’t forget to have your knife and serving set nearby.

The bride should be the first person to pick up the cake knife. She should do so with her right hand followed by the grooms hand over hers.

The base of the cake is usually the part that the first piece is cut from.

Together the bride and groom cut a wedge of cake together.

Then place the slice of cake on a plate with the server.

The groom will feed the bride first followed by the bride feeding the groom.

Sometimes, this is when some couples choose to do the "smash feeding". Just be considerate of one another and your pricey clothes!

Lastly relax and enjoy this tradition together, cutting the cake symbolizes your support of one another and ability to work together.

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