Wedding Cake Shapes and Styles

Cakes come in all different shapes and sizes so how do you decide which one is right for you? Luckily we’ve decided to explore into the world of cake shapes and fill you in on what to know about what size to choose.


Probably the most common shape of a wedding cake and the most traditional, the round cake offers a blank canvas for all your favorite design elements. This is the cake shape for thee couple who wants a very uniform design, that looks the same from top to bottom. The shape makes it very easy to carry the design elements all the way through without any noticeable breaks.


The square shape is a more modern and updated version of the classic wedding cake, the square design offers a touch of individuality without being to “different”. Whether you want to accentuate all of the clean lines or soften them up the choice is yours. Cascades of flowers don’t always work so well, but bundles of handcrafted sugar paste flowers look beautiful. Edible pearls strung along the outer edges are a gorgeous way to accent the cakes features as well.


This takes the square cake and the round cake and molds them together. With six sides this is the architects dream cake. Especially when covered in brightly colored fondant, this cake takes on a stunning look minus a lot of extra fluff and design With this style, the shape of the cake is the main design element. Use most of your decorations as a way to highlight and accentuate the design and shape of the cake itself. When accenting this style less is way more.

Topsy Turvy

Also known as the mad hatter’s cake this is definitely the most bold and unique shape you will find. But different, can definitely be equally as beautiful as any other cake style. This cake is made of stacked uneven layers where one side sits up higher than the other. With all the alternating dips this funky cake design is perfect for your offbeat wedding. As for decorations, really anything goes just be mindful of anything that could tumble off the side.

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