Wedding Cake Alternatives

There aren’t any hard and fast rules stating that you must have a traditional wedding cake. What if you and your guy don’t like cake or think the idea of a traditional tiered wedding cake is overdone? If this is the case or you are just looking for an extra way to sneak in some sweets, we have a few different ideas for you.

Assorted Dessert Table

Many couples are opting to host a dessert table instead of presenting a large wedding cake. Typically in this case the bride and groom will cut one small ceremonial cake and then the guests can visit a dessert table. The tables are filled with several different flavored pies, tarts, cupcakes, and cookies.

You can even go with a theme at your dessert table by choosing desserts that help reflect the season. Pumpkin pies and apple dumplings would be perfect choices for a dessert table at an autumn wedding.

Chocolate Bar

Another dessert alternative is to set up a chocolate bar. Place one of those beautiful chocolate fountains in the center of a table. Then around the fountain place several different trays and fill them with different things to be dipped. Terrific ideas would be large chunks of fresh fruit, graham crackers, cubes of cheesecake, and marshmallows. Place popsicle sticks out to be used as dippers and pretzel rods also! Be sure to have personalized napkins for guests to catch any drips with.

Build Your Own Crepes

Work with your caterer to set up stations where servers place the batter onto the griddle and once done, your guests can select from different bowls with what they would like placed on their crepe. Fill bowls to the brim with different fruits such as fresh berries, cherries, and slices of banana. Other bowls can be filled with things like chocolate chips and small candies like mini-kisses or m&m’s. Guests can also pile their crepe high with things like cool whip, and maple or chocolate syrup. Don’t forget to include a plate with butter as well.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Another fun build your own dessert is an ice cream sundae bar! There are even catering companies who actually specialize in setting up sundae bars. Fill the tables with various toppings ranging from chocolate syrup, candies, marshmallow fluff, cherries, etc. Ask to have the servers dress in old fashioned soda shop attire. Weddings are about love and happiness and playing soda shop is sure to bring back all those fuzzy feelings from when you were a kid eagerly awaiting that giant sundae!

Setting up stations or buffets for the desserts offer a great way to for your guests to mingle outside of their comfort zone, giving them a chance to chat with other guests they may not know.

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