Warm Wedding Tips

For a better part of the country, the end of the summer season means humid and  down right unbearably hot days. Sometimes nights even. So what to do when your wedding is outdoors in mid August? Sit down, relax, and read our tips. (In the air-conditioning of course)

Make sure that the venue in which your ceremony is located has air-conditioning. And that there is a small area secured for you in case a guest or two needs to come in before festivities are over.

Have an area outdoors that is shaded and has ample seating for some of your youngest and eldest attendees.

Purchase parasols and place them in buckets or planters,(depending on your weddings style of course) near the entrance. As guests become to hot they can grab one to shade themselves after the ceremony and prior to the reception.

If you are hosting an outdoor tented reception, speak with the tent company and see if an air-conditioner is available for use in the tent. If possible that is your best option otherwise look into other ways to keep your guests cool, fans etc.

Have a lemonade stand of sorts readily available at the beginning and end of the ceremony. And or staged near the cake during the reception. Serve a variety of cool beverages waters, ice teas, and lemonades. Save the alcohol for the bar. While it can be a cold drink, it doesn’t do much to keep you hydrated or cool.

Paper fans are to die for and cute when decorated just right. Have them printed up to go with the theme of your wedding invitations. Or print your photo on one side and the other print out your program. A fan that serves more than one purpose is twice as cool.

Host one of the two events indoors. More than likely hosting the reception indoors is your best bet. It’s the longer of the two and the most active. Guests are more inclined to get up and dance if they don’t think they will become to warm.

Always make sure your guests are aware of the surroundings they will be in when attending your wedding. Whether you place the information on your wed-site or on an enclosure card, it is always a good idea to make your guests aware if they will be outdoors. In which case most people will plan for the weather. By wearing a shorter sundress, skipping the flip-flops or bringing an umbrella.


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