Vintage Wedding Ideas – Part 2


Different decades had different trends for decorations as well. For a 20’s or 30’s themed wedding, we like the idea of decorating with vintage movie reels and faux movie house tickets. Since around this time was considered the golden age of Hollywood. What about doing a WW II look equipped with maps of the U.S. along with die cast air planes hanging from the ceiling. For the 1960’s era you can opt to showcase lava lamps and make a comfy hangout spot away from the dance floor full of bean bags. Go wild with a pretty in pink 1980’s theme and equip your dance floors ceiling with dozens of pink tissue poms.


Vintage luggage tags (or ones that just look that way) would make super cute wedding favors for a vintage themed wedding. You could host a photo booth at the reception itself and allow the guests to take photos of themselves and then take them home to cherish.
Cat eye shaped sunglasses personalized on the side with your wedding date would be very cool favors for a fifties themed wedding. Or you could also opt to send the guests home with glass jars full of all the dry ingredients they need to make your favorite cookie recipe. Attach a cookie cutter and the recipe so they will know what wet ingredients to add etc.  We also love the idea of mini-bottles of wine maybe from the year you two met. While it won’t completely match up with the decade theme it’s certainly a vintage like touch.


For a 1950’s theme consider serving all your favorite comfort foods. Such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes with gravy, barbeque chicken with corn on the cob and everything in between. Or run with a very elegant old Hollywood cocktail soiree. Full of shrimp cocktail and other delectable treats.  What about incorporating fun takes on all your old favorites? Ask your caterers to make all of your favorite dishes growing up. What about little bowls of mac n cheese? Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with shotglasses full of tomato soup? The choices are fun and vary wildly from decade to decade. Sushi and other forms of eating healthy comes in and out of style all the time. So ask your caterers if they know of any past trends and re-introduce your guests. 

Your wedding is all about presenting your personalities to your guests. So have fun with it!

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