Vintage Wedding Ideas – Part 1


Is there such a thing as vintage colors? Not really, choosing what era you would like to run with would help you choose your popular color of the times. For the 1920’s through 1940’s soft pastel pinks, taupes, bronzes and creams make an outstanding color palette.
We all know that the combination of aqua’s and red’s reined supreme during the happy go lucky 1950’s time. If you are going to stay within the 1960’s and 70’s, it’s pretty much anything goes, such as vibrant psychedelic colors to match the wild times. Or earth tones for a more flower child natural look. For the most part, any color you want can be made to have a vintage look. Just showcase them in a distressed or aged manor.

Vintage Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first thing that your guests see in regards to your wedding. So be sure to have the invitation reflect the mood and tone of your wedding. For a wedding theme in an around the 20’s or 30’s era check out our Versailles Wedding Invitations and Large Social Graces Wedding Invitations. The Versailles invites offer a beautiful embossed heart design and is tied closed with a ribbon. This invitation is a beautiful example of blind embossed stationery. The Large Social Graces offer a simpler, clean lined look to your invitation. With beveled edges and no fluff your wording takes center stage. For a sockhop style wedding, our Polished Polka Dot Wedding Invitations will surely show them your fun side. With pearlized polka dots on a navy background your theme will shine through.


Where do we begin with vintage clothing? From pill box hats, to short gloves the list goes on and on. Early in the 20th century all the rage was lace, long lacey gowns with a light gauzy look cascading over the body. As the years went on the fluffier the gowns became. During the 1950’s, not only do we see a lot of the large ballgown “I’m a princess” styles but also towards the end of the 50’s into the 60’s shorter gowns. Just at the knee and above with a smoothed bodice and cap sleeves were quite popular. Grooms, well they’re pretty easy. Look for simple more laid back suits for the 1950’s and all out tuxedo’s with tails for the 20’s

Flowers & Bouquets

How could we not say roses? These flowers have always been very popular for every decade.  Victorian roses and lot’s of baby’s breath make an excellent choice for almost any era’s floral arrangement. To say that there are vintage flowers and bouquets is really not quite accurate. Different flowers tend to become trendy through the years. These waver through the years and your options are boundless. For a sixties hippie wedding, try out the newer “crazy daisys”. These are traditional daisies that are dyed in a multitude of vibrant colors. Succulents are really making their way into centerpieces and bouquets. They look very vintage when tucked into old tea kettles or nestled several together inside a wooden crate.

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