Types of Wedding Personalization – Part 1

The most recent style trend to stick around is that of abundant personalization. More and more couples are choosing to really put their stamp on everything. From designing the napkins to the table linens and so on, after all it is your wedding. You will definitely want to show off your signature style and be sure that your guests can not forget who threw this beautiful event right?

There are a million different ways to put your trademark on things. The various things you can personalize are boundless. At The American Wedding we offer different things from cake bags and boxes, to napkins, and invitations

Names and Date

Some couples decide to go with the traditional names and date. This is a lovely choice especially for the couple who wants to use their "wedding colors" as the focal point in their design. This is the most traditional way to personalize your wedding accessories. However that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Invitations like our Bold Curves Wedding Invitations and Eye-Catching Block Wedding Invitations are perfect examples of items where color and names take center stage. Our best selling napkins are a perfect choice for this theme as well.


Others choose to use the timeless style of the monogram. You can update this classic and make it your own or stick with tradition. If you choose to custom make your monogram don’t fret, with all the different computer programs out there you don’t have to be an artist to play around with different font’s and typestyles at home on your computer. Many computer programs out there today allow you to let your creativity run free in an easy to do manor. Once you’ve found the one you like save it and replicate it. There are different ways to use this design. If paper napkins aren’t your thing then think about purchasing coasters with your monogram on them. At our sister site American Stationery we offer a script monogram that has proven itself popular over the years. Check out their Monogram Party Coasters, which would like great stacked on the bar.

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