Toasting Tips – Part 1

Writing a toast can be a difficult task no matter how eloquent of a speaker you are. So over the next few weeks we thought we’d give you some tips on writing and delivering your speech. Whether you are the Bride or the Best Man, following these tips should help you “wow’ your audience.

Who gives the toasts and when?

Typically the night of the rehearsal dinner both the bride and the groom should give a small toast. At the wedding itself the Best Man is normally who delivers the first speech. If the Maid of Honor or anyone else in the wedding party wishes to speak that’s great!

Technically, the floor should actually be open to anyone who would like to say a few words if they’d like. This should be up to the bride and groom, as they know the personalities of their guests best and will know if that is a good idea or not. The final toasts at the reception would be given by the bride and groom.

What kind of order should you go in?

A good toast will touches on just a few things but does so very well.  It’s nice to and pretty common as well to open with something light hearted, a quote, a nice joke, a short story etc. Then give a few kind words about the guests of honor. If you are the guest of honor, then about your new husband or wife. Give thanks to all those involved in this process, touch on how terrific the bride and groom are together and finally call to toast.

Think about staying inside a solid timeframe.

Giving a toast is a wonderful gesture if you are a best man or maid of honor. And pretty much mandatory if you are the bride or groom. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to or should be up there talking forever. A good time frame would be about two to four minutes. We’re sure hope you have lots of great things to say but you don’t want to risk running on and on. Not to mention that there may be other people who want to get up and share.

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