Tips for Maid of Honor Toast – Part 2

Be sure to:

  • Be sure to let everyone know how excited you are about your friend getting married. Express your love and gratitude toward the bride and the groom for asking you to be a part of their very special day. Be sure to also thank both sets of parents (if appropriate) for putting on such a wonderful rehearsal and wedding.
  • Because we are pretty much known as the sentimental and nostalgic gender, it’s a great idea to include a favorite memory. 
  • Be wise, offer some words of encouragement and advice. Tell your guests of honor just how well you think they will be together.
  • If you aren’t so good with putting your words into advice, go ahead and let a quote or song lyric work it’s way into this part of the speech.
  • Go ahead tell them again Be sure again to tell them how much you truly care for each of them not only as they were separately but as they are now together.
  • Wish them all the best and cheers!

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