Tips for Groom Toast – Part 2

Reception Tips:

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief now, you are married. While the pressure isn’t completely off at least your goal, (getting hitched) is accomplished!

This time you will probably be thanking her parents as most likely they are the ones putting on much of the event. Also, thank them for creating such a beautiful creature and raising her to be such a wonderful person – a wonderful person whom you now get to share your life with.

Thank any and everyone else who helped with the wedding preparations. Always, be sure to thank all of your guests for sharing in this wonderful time in your lives. Remind them how lucky you are to be married to the love of your life. Seriously go ahead and lay it on thick you can’t get to lovey-dovey here your guests will eat it right up. This is a time when people want to hear how much she makes you smile. Etc.

Definitely try to steer clear of any joking around. This is not a time when sarcasm should even register on your radar. It’s great that you are funny and that is something your wife loves about you. But, now is not the time to play jokester. Even if you have a running joke with the father in- law about a make believe dowry. Not everyone will know the joke or even think it’s funny.

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