Tips for Groom Toast – Part 1

Typically the groom will give two toasts, one at the rehearsal dinner and one again the next day at the reception. There are a few differences as to what is said at which event and so below is a guide to help you create some smooth toast delivery.

Rehearsal Dinner Tips:

There are two big differences between the rehearsal and the reception as far as speech delivery goes. With the rehearsal dinner, you are not yet married and your parents (not hers) are probably the ones footing the bill. With that said, you will need to tailor your toast accordingly.

Be sure to give a lot of props to your folks for putting on this event, (given that is the case) and show you’re your appreciation for all of their love and support through the years. Also, you will want to thank all, of your out of town guests that were kind enough to make the trip to see you tie the knot!

Opening with a quote like we’ve mentioned before is an easy way to begin. An anecdote on how you two met or something to that affect is always nice as well. Remind all of your guests how important they truly are to you and your beautiful bride.

Don’t be scared to show your joy and maybe even a bit of your nervousness through out the night. Tomorrow is the big day and your guests will find the little bits of anxiety quite endearing.

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