Tips for Giving the Best Man Toast – Part 3

Try not to:

  • No gum it was good advice in your high school public speaking class and it still is.
  • Watch those hand gestures they can become pretty distracting.  Try not to wave them around a lot guests may fear you’re about to take flight.
  • Any talk of past relationships is completely off limits.
  • Do not include jokes that would be inappropriate for a most likely, all ages audience.
  • Keep stories of the groom’s shenanigans whimsical. You definitely don’t want to paint him as a slacker or a drunk.
  • You don’t want to fall into the cliché of delivering the drunken best man toast. A drink or two is fine but, too many and you’ll risk embarrassment of not only yourself but the bride and groom

It’s completely normal to be a bit nervous. The best advice for that is to be prepared. Practice your speech both in front of the mirror and a friend. A note card with key points at least is a good idea. Remember you are amongst friends and are there to lend your support and love.

Hopefully if you follow our tips and okay maybe have a drink or two before taking the stage your toast will be flawless. (or close enough)

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