Tips for Giving the Best Man Toast – Part 2

Be sure to:

  • Be sure to let everyone know how excited you are about your friend getting married. Express your love and gratitude toward the bride and the groom for asking you to be a part of their very special day. Be sure to also thank both sets of parents (if appropriate) for putting on such a wonderful rehearsal and wedding.
  • Make them laugh by indulging everyone in a humorous story from the grooms past.
  • Be wise, offer some words of encouragement and advice. Tell your guests of honor just how well you think they will be together.
  • If you aren’t the best at sounding eloquent or sentimental. Borrow from the pro’s a nice song lyric or famous quote will work terrific.
  • Try to include a story of the bride and groom together. If you know about the time they first met that would be wonderful!
  • Wish them all the best and cheers!

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