Tips for Giving the Best Man Toast – Part 1

Normally as best man you will serve as the toastmaster. That’s not to say that you will be the only one giving a speech though as the maid of honor is most likely to speak as well. Your speech will probably be first and serve as a way to warm the crowd up for the rest of the speakers. 

Even if you are someone who doesn’t mind getting up in front of a crowd, it’s expected that you say a few words. No, you don’t have to dwell on and on about the hilarious pitfalls of marriage for 20 minutes (please don’t) but you should have something prepared.

While your speech is typically regarded as a goofball performance that’s not to say you can not also provide a few words of wisdom. Your personality and knowledge of the bride and groom should serve as a guidepost into making your speech as fun and pain-free as possible.

In the next couple of days, we’ll provided you with some tips on making sure this toast is one they’ll remember.

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