Tips for Bride’s Toast

While it is not a tradition for the bride to give a speech, more and more brides are opting to say a little something. Previously the bride had her new husband speak on her behalf.

If you would like to say a few words, please by all means do so this is your wedding after all. But, revel in the fact that you do not have any expectations for your toast. You can be free with your style and what you say as there aren’t any “bride’s toast rules” for you to follow. Your toast(s) would probably just serve as thank you speeches. Although, if you wish, you could use this opportunity to “toast” your groom.

The rehearsal dinner will (probably) be hosted by the groom’s parents. At this event, it would be a nice time to thank them for putting on this get together. Thank them for enabling you to speak with your out of town guests and feel comfortable and loved the night before the big day. After all this is your final run-through so lets hope at the end of the night your conscience is clear about any “who’s standing where” questions. It’s also a guide idea to thank his parents for the wonderful job they did raising their son. Guiding and molding him into the man you are going to spend the rest of your days with.

At the reception basically the tables are turned. Not only are you now actually married but most likely it’s your parents whom are footing the bill. So switch your toast up accordingly so as to now thank your parents. Thank them for taking care of you over the years and offering their guidance, love, and support.

 Again, thank all of the out of town guests that were able to make the trip to see you and your honey take the plunge! Be sure to thank your bridal party as well. Because, without whom you would not be the cool, calm, and collected lady they see in front of them. Also thank anyone else whom helped with the wedding preparations. You don’t have to drone on and on forever or thank every person by name. Just a “Thanks to everyone who helped set up the reception hall, you really did a great job!” will do. Of course thank everyone as a group for coming out and sharing in your joy.

Try opening up with a quote or a famous line from a favorite love poem. Yes, we’ve said it a million times before but, good advice bears repeating. Taking a little help from the professionals will prove beneficial to you here.

Don’t be afraid to show your joy. Let everyone know that you truly feel like you are the luckiest gal in the world. Your guests will eat this stuff right up. Also don’t be afraid to use your hubby for comfort. If you get a bit overwhelmed or nervous pat him on the shoulder, give him a squeeze or a quick kiss. Not only will this make you feel better but your guests will love it!

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