Thank You Etiquette for Monetary Gifts

Q: As I’m sitting down to write thank you notes for our wedding gifts, I’m at a loss for exactly how to word thank yous for money! What’s the best way to artfully handle this type of thank you note?

A: First, check out our guidelines for well-worded thank you notes. But instead of writing, “Thank you for the Crock Pot,” refer to the giver’s generosity a bit more obliquely. Try phrases such as:

~ “Thank you for your very generous gift.”

~ “Your thoughtful gift is so appreciated.”

~ “We are so thankful for your kind gift.”

Depending upon your relationship with the giver, you might choose to follow up your thank you with a reference to your plans for the money. Add in a phrase such as:

~ “James and I are saving up for a home, and this will be a big help.”

~ “Carter and I are looking forward to indulging in some excursions on our honeymoon.”

It’s wholly unnecessary (and really quite crass) to refer to the dollar amount of a cash gift in a thank you note.

Follow these tactics and you’ll have those notes knocked out in no time! Happy writing!

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