Sustainable Wedding Favors

One of our favorite green wedding trends is the smart idea of creating one-of-a-kind centerpieces out of several small potted plants that serve double-duty as favors for your wedding guests. We love the endless possibilities for customizing this trend to suit your individual wedding style! Here are some tips on working this idea to complement the tone of your wedding day.

1) Select a plant with meaning. Floriography is a time-honored tradition of associating flowers with nuanced meanings. When selecting the plants you’ll present to your guests, it can be fun to consider the message that flower will send.

A quick Internet search will turn up dozens of articles and plant dictionaries to help you decipher the language of flowers. Some appropriate wedding choices are the herb rosemary (for remembrance), pansies or violets (that tell friends they are in your thoughts), spearmint (for warm feelings), and bellflowers (for gratitude).

Use meaningful plants alone or in combinations to convey just the right tone. (Tip: Be sure to clue your guests in to the plants’ meanings! See #3 below…)

2) Perennials vs. Annuals. While any botanical gift can be considered sustainable, choosing a perennial plant (one that comes back year after year rather than dying after a single season) will truly give guests a memento to remember your wedding. Every time the plant blooms in the years to come, close friends will remember that flower in relationship to your blessed day.

3) Personalize it! Whether you select inexpensive, earthy terracotta pots or eclectic vintage tins to contain the floral gifts, add a personalized tag for a little pizzazz! Incorporate your new married monogram and the wedding date on one side. And don’t forget to provide guests with simple instructions for transplanting the favor at home.

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