Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

The idea of having a summer time wedding is very appealing; there are millions of different design options that are opened to you during this sunny season. With the changing of the décor and color palette the favor choices can be changed up a bit as well. So we thought we’d share some information on our favorite summer time favors.

Sunglasses With Mini Bottles Of Sunscreen

Keep your guests styling and safe with these favors. Have just a few different styles and give out one pair of shades with one mini bottle to each guest. If you are pouring your own bottles of sunscreen, be sure to include the spf number and if it’s scented or not. If you can afford it, we think the idea of stamping your names and date on the sunglass stems is very cool!

Personalized Drinks

It’s important to stay as hydrated as possible in the summer sun. So keep your guests from going thirsty by supplying them with bottles of water. Whether you personalize them with a photo or your personal motif be sure and let your personality shine. Or opt for a sweeter beverage such as Jones soda, we think root beer is a great choice for an outdoor country style wedding. They will even personalize the bottle with a photo of you.

Jars of Honey

These are a really affordable idea. They are also pretty easy to do yourself if you would like. Our advice would be to invite all of your friends over and have them lend a hand, transferring the honey into small canning jars. Attach a small tag and some cute labels finally line the lids with a square of fabric. Choosing what to have your tag say depends on your style of course but we like “Meant to bee” and “How sweet it is to bee loved by you”.

Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue sauce is a staple in many parts of the country especially around this time of year. If you are hosting an outdoor laid-back reception we think this is a terrific choice. You can go the way of the water bottles and make them personalized or buy mini bottle sets. Some of these little sets have the most amusing names of sauces, like Pappy’s XXX The best part, they taste pretty good to.

Flip Flops

Fill baskets to the brim with different sized flip flops. Make sure that they are clearly marked. For instance, have two baskets of red flip flops for women and two baskets of blue for the men. Then be sure to tag them i.e. “women size s/m”. Display them in a lovely basket or galvanized pail depending on your wedding style. Be sure to have enough for everyone, even though not everyone will wear them plenty will take a pair home.

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