Summer Wedding Beauty Tips

Summertime is a popular time to get married. The summer brings sunshine to our faces and to our hearts. Bringing us all outdoors and providing us with excuses to get together after our hibernation after the holidays. Even those of us who aren’t big sun worshipers will notice that with all the great things that come with this season, the sun, heat and humidity can take its toll. 

When the temperature rises, your skin and hair care regimens should change. You do not want to keep up the same routines and use the same products all year long. Because as the seasons change, your skin and hair need different things.

Please take advantages of some of our summer time beauty tips to get you in line for your big day!

You hair

Shampoo less so as to enable your scalp to develop it’s natural oils. The sun and other elements can really dry out your scalp. So try to shampoo every other day if you can.

Deep condition your hair weekly during the summer. The sun can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Chlorine and salt water can also wreak havoc on your do.

Use a quality leave in conditioner after swimming (fresh or pool water) to sooth those follicles.

Be sure to stay up to date on trims as well. Try to not use any of your heating tools as in curling irons blow dryers and hair straighteners. If you do be sure to use that leave in conditioner!

Your skin

This time of year your body will need more water than ever to keep hydrated. So be sure to keep a bottle of water with you at all times.

Be sure to exfoliate in the summer time especially if you are using a self tanner this way you will shed all the under layers and reveal the healthy fresh skin underneath.

Use sunscreen other than the obvious health risks using sunscreen helps to protect your skin from turning red. It also aids in protecting it from turning rubbery.

This time of year your skin needs a lighter moisturizer. Always remember to not use anything to oily. Something with an SPF and maybe a bronzer would be a great choice for summer.

Last but not least, use bug repellent, you do not want to have bug bites anywhere. And especially on your big day! Be sure to use a repellent you know and trust as we always say don’t try a new product within a couple of weeks to the wedding day you never know what kind of reaction you may have.


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