Spa Tips 101 – Part 2


What is it?: A treatment for both your hands and fingernails. Most the time your hands will be washed, and have lotion massaged into your hands by a trained manicurist. Also your nails will be shaped by a nail file. Cuticles will be pushed back and if you choose polish will be applied.

Why does it help?: Besides the fact that it makes your hands look pretty? Healthy nails are an important part of overall health. Anyone who has had a hangnail can vouch it’s no fun. Don’t forget all those close up photos you want of your rings on your hands. You’ll be thankful for your manicure when you receive those pictures.

Body Scrub

What is it?: Just like it sounds it’s a scrub for your body! These scrubs come in a multitude of scents, colors, and textures. Your body is scrubbed down with different types of body scrubs. Many contain different oils, fruit extracts, and sugar.

Why does it help?: The exfoliation process is vital for glowing wedding day skin. In order to reveal your beautiful healthy skin you need to scrub off all of the top layer’s excess dead skin. Not to mention the fact that absorbing all the different vitamins and minerals in the scrub will help to create healthy skin. Final bonus, your skin will be super soft afterwards


What is it?: Hot wax is applied to hair that you wish to have removed then strips of cotton are applied to the wax and quickly ripped away from the body.  Once  the cotton strip is removed all of the wax and any unwanted hair will be attached to it. This is a great idea for small areas that need cleaned up quickly.

Why does it help?: It helps remove unsightly hair that you want removed. It’s fairly quick but by no means painless. Your best bet is to use this method for small areas like eyebrows and the upper lip. Don’t have this done on the day of the wedding. Especially if your skin is sensitive you will have bright red eyes and possibly appear very surprised.

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