S’mores Bar – Part 3

Now that you have all of your supplies it’s time to decorate!

At an indoor ceremony setting up a table near the cake table would be a good option. You can purchase small “smore makers” these small contraptions are metal containers that house a sterno flame for you to toast your marshmallow on. They typically come with little metal pokers for you to place your marshmallow on. Different department stores often sell items like this for purchase in the kitchen supply area.

At an outdoor reception, you may choose to have an area set up away from the dancing with a small fire pit going. Somewhere close to the fire pit (but not to close, or you’ll have melted chocolate) you should set up your s’more making table complete with all the goodies needed for making this indulgent treat.

Begin by decorating your s’more table in a way that does not take away from the cake table or the dinner table’s but does go along with the style of the reception area. A beautiful tablecloth and runner it matching colors, and one or two smaller versions of your centerpieces should suffice.

Just like you would label each jar of candy at a candy buffet, you’ll want to label each container of treats. If you choose to go with several varying flavors and brands that are not overly popular you’ll want to clearly notate the type of item displayed. Example: “Homemade Mint Marshmallows” This is very important especially if you’ve decided to remove labels and just lay out the candy. Nut allergies are serious and you should warn your guests if there are candies being served that contain nuts. You may feel it necessary to forgo any chocolates that contain them all together. Or just keep them clearly labeled and far away from the others. 

Have a sweet sign displayed inviting your guests to make their own s’mores. Try something like: “We appreciate your being here and making our day extra sweet please enjoy this treat!”

What you choose to display your supplies in should continue to reflect the tone of your wedding. Be sure to have tongs on hand for the marshmallows so that the guests are not tempted to place their hands inside the containers. Also a pair or two of safety scissors for the candy wrappers that just won’t open. Be sure to have  wastebaskets nearby to catch all of the wrappers. Small metal canisters tied off at the top with a beautiful ribbon in your wedding color.

Different Supply Holder ideas are:

  • Vintage cookie jars
  • Clear glass canisters
  • Baskets
  • Different size galvanized pails (check for food safety!)
  • Old tea tins
  • Pretty tea trays

Lastly, if you really want to take your guests back to their childhood offer glasses of ice cold milk and hot chocolate to accompany the s’mores.

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