S’mores Bar – Part 2

S’more making supplies would include:

Chocolate bars- Whether you choose to go with old stand-by’s from your childhood or decadent gourmet brands is up to you. We suggest purchasing the typical milk chocolate of course but then, throw in a few different popular candy bar flavors. Such as peanut butter cups, carmel filled bars, and maybe even white chocolate?

Graham crackers- Graham crackers are the base for this delicious treat. Make sure you have plenty of them already broken into their signature square shapes. There isn’t much in the way of variation in here but, you should try to offer as many choices as possible. Choices include the traditional light honey flavor, a stronger honey flavor, and chocolate, Displaying all three will ensure your guests can have a fun time with different combinations.

Marshmallows- Not much to say about marshmallows other than the bigger the better and the fluffier too! You can buy them in large bags at any supermarket in town. If by chance you are very ambitious, you could always opt to make your own. Our biggest tip to you on displaying your marshmallows is to keep them in a covered container, once the air hits these sweets they become hard and not fluffy at all.

Additional supplies can depend on if you are outdoors or not. But of course you will want some type of stick or s’mores poker. Along with paper plates and napkins, to help catch any falling crumbs and wipe off the inevitable marshmallow mustache. 

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