S’mores Bar – Part 1

Extra “treat stations” are all the rage at wedding receptions lately. We have seen so many variants of this new trend from the always popular candy buffet, to the build your own ice cream sundae, and even cookie buffets that we have mentioned before.

The newest one that we can’t wait to share with you is the s’mores bar! We’re not sure exactly what it is that appeals to us so much about this idea. Maybe it’s this time of year with all the warm crackling fires, combined with the sweet treats all around us! Either way, we simply could not resist sharing this great idea with you!

First of all before getting your heart set on anything you will want to speak with the reception venue right away. Whether indoors or out it is likely that your venue will have different rules and regulations based on things such as the use of any extra appliances and open flames. Always iron out all the stuffy details right away before you get to the fun.

Once, you know you are okay to host your s’more buffet you can start purchasing your supplies.

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