September Wedding Ideas

While September used to be the seventh month in the Roman calendar it is now the ninth month of the year. Being the ninth month of the year, for most of us it brings the start of autumn.

September means back to the swing of things for a lot of us. While lazy days of summer are either winding to an end or over with completely, school is in session, and the nights are starting to get a bit cooler. This time of year is kind of a comfy time of year for a lot of us. Settling in to the end of the year and all the warm goodness that fall brings. An autumn color palette would be lovely influenced by the colors around you in nature. Toward the end of the month will bring the changing of the leaves. So consider choosing colors like crisp yellows, burnt oranges and reds, with maybe a splash or two of green.

The birthstone for September is the sapphire. This beautiful stone is a rich deep blue color. Adorn yourself in fake dark blue stones sprinkled across your veil or possibly real sapphire earrings to be your something blue.

The aster flower is September’s birth flower. The word Aster actually means star which refers to the shape of the flower.These flowers grow most commonly in shades of white pink lavender purple and red. Potted asters would make beautiful centerpieces at a September wedding these flowering plants offer a lot of blooms and sure know how to fill out a pot.

As far as themes go in September we can’t help but be smitten with the idea of a back to school theme. Even if you didn’t adore school so much when you were young, think of all the possibilities. So we thought we’d go ahead and tell you about a few of our ideas such as: Apples with name tags pinned to them would serve double duty as a sweet idea for place cards. For your table names, try naming them after school subjects, or more personal, your favorite novels. List the menu on a large easel displayed chalkboard. Write clearly, you don’t know who will be grading your penmanship! When the night becomes chilly offer your guests fleece blankets featuring the local rival football team’s mascots. Go team wedding!

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