Rehearsal Dinner Basics – Part 2

For your guest list it typically goes something like this:
Both of your immediate families (parents and siblings along with their spouses) then followed by the wedding-party members with their spouses or significant others. Any child whom is in the wedding should be invited along with their parents. It is also polite to invite your officiant and their spouse. Depending on the amount of out of town guests, it would be polite to invite them to the rehearsal dinner as well. This is especially so if many of them have already checked into the hotel.

While everyone is together you may want to go ahead and decide to pass out your gifts to your attendants. Any gifts you purchased for your parents or V.I.P’s, could be given out now as well. (V.I.Ps may include your grandmother who has always been there for you, to your 15 year old cousin who tied 150 bows for you just last night.)

Besides passing out your gifts and eating there are typically a few toasts that are given as well. The host or hostess of the event should say a few words. Most often the host is the groom’s father and he would typically toast to his soon to be daughter in law. The groom should also think about saying a few words mostly just to thank everyone for joining them and supporting them. Be careful to not go into full toast mode, there will be plenty of that at the wedding.

For the bride, try to let go and relax, this is the last night before the big day enjoy yourself by surrounding yourself with your closest family and friends. If you and your fiancé are not hosting the dinner be sure to let the host or hostess do so. You can be sure to run the show tomorrow night, so you should sit back and enjoy!

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