Rehearsal Dinner Basics – Part 1

What’s the deal with rehearsal dinners anyway? What are they for? The rehearsal dinner, is a dinner that is typically hosted by the grooms family. The purpose is for everyone to come together and have a celebratory dinner on the eve of the big day. Normally this dinner proceeds the actually ceremony rehearsal. While some people say a ceremony rehearsal doesn’t have to take place, it is certainly not a bad idea. Most officiants will want to go over all the, who stands here, and who says what formalities.

This is also a great time to make sure all of the attendants have met one another and are aware of whom they are walking in with. Be sure to clue your ushers in on all the V.I.P.’s they are seating in case they aren’t completely sure, point out which grandma is the brides and which is the grooms etc. Of course, this is also the prime opportunity for all of your immediate family to mingle and get to know one another well. Chances are prior to this event there are still a few people whom haven’t been introduced yet.

Where the rehearsal dinner is held is up to the hosts. While traditionally the dinner is served at the ceremony site anymore the dinner can be anywhere. You can select your family’s favorite Italian restaurant, or the pulled pork shop across the street from the church. Be sure to speak with the host and or hostess about your rehearsal gust list in advance. It is only fair that they have a heads up on the amount of people so they can budget accordingly.


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