Red as a Wedding Color – Part 2

Your color palette comes into play everywhere you look. It is important to be consistent and to not forget anything. So be sure to focus on keeping your colors fluid throughout your invitations, flowers, decorations, and favors.

  • Invitations: For a red wedding, invitations are abundant. Think about selecting our Single Red Rose Wedding Invitations. As a long time best seller, this beautiful invitation takes contrasting red to an extreme. The card displays a bold foil red rose on a stark white backer accented with black. Or maybe you will like our Passionate Hearts Wedding Invitations with its whimsical display of constantly interconnecting hearts, you are sure to make a connection with your guests – this wedding is all about love!
  • Flowers: Of course roses are our first thought. But don’t forget about tulips; they come in  gorgeous shades of red. Or how about stargazer lilies which are a beautiful large flower that comes in several different colors. There are always freesias as well – such a beautiful flower that also give off a lovely scent.
  • Reception: Like we’ve touched on above there are so many ways to display red throughout your day. Red backed chairs and table clothes give off such a warm glow and help make even the largest ballroom seem more pulled together and intimate.
  • Favors: What about red hot candies in small tins with a sticker displaying your names and the wedding date? Mini gumball machines are a terrific choice; they come, of course, in classic red and you can fill them with gumballs of the alternate color. Or send your guests home with a couple of votive candles and a matchbook.

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