Red as a Wedding Color – Part 1

Red is the color of love, warmth, and passion. So, what a great option for your wedding? Share your love at your wedding by choosing the main color as the most celebrated color of love. This color gives off such a warm and inviting feeling your guests are sure to love.

Color combinations that look great with red are:

  • White: Whether you feel like having a classic wedding or going a bit modern this color combination would be a great choice for you. From soft subtle pops of color in the flowers and accessories to donning red heels or a bright red sash this palette fits anyone’s personality.
  • Pink: This color combo is good for more than just Valentine’s Day! Select these shades together for a warm and bubbly atmosphere. Use rosy pinks to add soft lighting or baby pink tissue paper made into poms to hang from the ceiling. Arrange cherry blossom stems in tall glass vases for a subtle pop of pink.
  • Black: What’s not to love about a bold contrast? Keep this combo as clean and simple as possible by making a few bold statements here and there. For example, line the tables with black table cloths which will look stunning with tall simple red centerpieces. Or what about black chairs with red bows tied on the back?
  • Brown: Deep chocolate brown or a light tan shade of brown both make striking statements when combined with red. A western wedding just wouldn’t be complete without this combo – from wearing brown cowboy boots to tying off the chairs with red hankies. These two can also come together for a more contemporary style by having a chocolate iced cake with red roses cascading down. Or opt to have chocolate covered strawberries as a dessert option.
  • Blue: We know these two go together well. After all it is a combination we see a lot of. With that being said proceed with caution when choosing this combo. Carefully select your shades and by carefully we mean unless it’s a fourth of July wedding keep the shades more subtle. Try a teal shade of blue paired with a cherry red for a more retro style.

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