Quick Tips for Addressing Wedding Invitations

Last week we gave you a few tips for assembling wedding invitations. Which got us to thinking about a few more tricks of the trade we wanted to share with you – this time relating to addressing wedding invitations.

1. Address all of your envelopes first, before you begin stuffing the invitations. This allows the ink time to dry and prevents smudging and smearing all over your lovely invites.

2. Address your envelopes in sets, keeping the inner and outer envelopes together for each family. This tactic helps you be sure to put the correct inner envelope in the corresponding outer envelope when stuffing!

3. If you’re enlisting help with addressing your envelopes, be sure the handwriting on each envelope set matches. Guests will notice if your straight, small penmanship graces the outer envelope and your mother’s large, flowery letters adorn the inner!

Of course, you can always opt for our time-saving guest addressing service, and let us take care of the hard part!

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