Pockets on Wedding Gown

The newest trend in wedding dresses has nothing to do with the hemline or the bodice style. You can opt to have a skirt full of tulle or a more modern fit and flair. You’ve probably seen this new trend on both the television and on the runway.

The new trend that we are speaking of is the addition of pockets to your wedding gown! While some people may scoff at the idea, in a way, it’s kind of genius. We know this idea is a little different. And no, it’s definitely not for everyone but, don’t stress that it will look like an apron. As mentioned above pockets can be sewn into plenty of different wedding dress styles. This addition can have as little or as much to do with the actual look of the gown. Whether on the front of the dress small and sew in for aesthetics, or deep side sown pockets the styles and possibilities are endless!

This is a definite must have for those of you who request comfort. What could be more comforting than having pockets to slide your hands into when you don’t know what to do with them. Instead of holding your hands behind you slide them down into these comfy pockets and in no time you will be twirling around like a young girl in her frilly Easter dress.

Other than the appeal of just being comfortable and fun, don’t forget pockets could come in very practical as well. Think of the things you could put in there. A sixpence, rosary beads your lucky lip gloss, or a disposable camera for impromptu on dance floor snapshots.

Your wedding dress should shine as a symbol of who you are as a woman. On your wedding day, you want nothing less than to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. So what we are saying is that if the addition of pockets helps you to feel that way awesome!

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