Pink as a Wedding Color – Part 2

Your color palette comes into play everywhere you look. It is important to be consistent and to not forget anything. So be sure to focus on keeping your colors fluid throughout your invitations, flowers, decorations, and favors.

At the American Wedding, we provide several different choices for your stationery needs with pink as a focal color. Be sure to give your guests an idea on what to expect at the wedding without overdoing it. Consider the Modern Dot Wedding Invitations. This is a more modem styled invitation sure to please any whimsical color choices you have in mind. The Perfect Pastel Wedding Invitations frame your  invitation wording with a beautifully simple pink border. Or consider the Renaissance Wedding Invitations – one of our best sellers! These invitations have just enough black, white and pink!.

Obviously roses are a good choice if you would like to have pink flowers at your wedding. Also, tulips, which come in a variety of colors too, make a beautiful choice. Stargazer lilies can come in shades of pink and fuchsia. Freesias and gerber daisies make wonderful choices as well. You can bunch several shades of pink flowers together or mix them with flowers of shades from your color palette. Keep in mind of course, as usual if you want them to have strong scent or not.

Reception Decor:
Obviously floral bouquets are a great choice especially with all the choices of flowers and different shades of pink that are offered. As always, you do not want to choose really strong smelling flowers for your dinner tables. Pink paper lanterns are a gorgeous decorative option. As are strands of Christmas lights only in pink which will allow a soft luminous glow.

Finding favors in shades of pink should be a pretty easy task. Most wedding companies offer a variety of colors for their favor items like pink matchbooks, which are both a functional and pretty traditional choice. If choosing to set up a candy buffet, why not use pink take out boxes and all pink candy? M &M’ s and jelly beans make a great choice.. Small jars of homemade apple butter or jam are also terrific choices.

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