Pink as a Wedding Color – Part 1

Pink is a color that is associated with both femininity and love. This makes it a wonderful choice for one of your wedding day colors. Use it alone with other shades of pink or mix and match with contrasting colors.

Great color combinations with pink are:

  • Green: Contrasting pink with green provides beautiful options especially when planning a spring wedding, with the green as a fresh color inspiring new life and the pink representative of buds atop floral blooms.
  • Brown: A popular color palette over the past few years has been that of brown and pink. These to colors look terrific paired together. Brown provides a rich contrast that really deepens the beauty of soft shades of pink when blended together.
  • Blue: Shades of blue and pink together are probably a color combination that makes you think of a baby shower not a wedding. So go with deep cobalt or icy steel blues matched with bright shades of pink like fuchsia for eye-catching centerpieces and bridesmaid gowns.
  • Orange: A trendy and daring color combination is that of pink and orange. This duet is beyond vibrant. Bright shades of each together provide a perfect palette for more whimsical decor options. Try these shades together as polka dots as a running theme. Choose a neutral color like white so as to not make things overly busy.
  • Black: Who doesn’t love black and pink together? The sharpness of black with it’s obvious contrast to any shade of pink provides a great backdrop to build on your wildest pink fantasies. We like black tablecloths with hot pink runners!

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