Origami – The New Wedding Decoration

Origami cranes are a Japanese tradition that has recently been borrowed by brides of every culture. Some brides have them cascading down from the ceiling or trees at the wedding venue. While others choose to use them as place cards holder or just simply scattered about within the decor. These tiny additions add a lovely touch to any style wedding. But of course Japanese infused weddings just can not go without these beautiful paper creatures.

Cranes can be folded in shades of paper that fit in with your wedding colors, in a rainbow of various hues, or on paper printed with intricate designs.

Japanese folklore reveres the crane as a mystical creature of beauty and peace. Folklore also goes on to say that a person who folds 1,000 paper cranes will receive a thousand years of happiness and prosperity. You may yourself not want to take on this task with all the other things you have to do for the wedding. Fear not though, because luckily for busy brides the legend also states that someone may give the gift of a 1,000 paper cranes thereby wishing the happiness and prosperity on to the recipient. This nimble fingered friend will not be left out either as they are also to be granted one wish.

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